June 2012 Newsletter ...

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Issue #2: Hail Damage
©Tuner Morris, Inc.  June 2012

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April 2012 Newsletter ...

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Issue #1- How to Get the Most Out of Your Roof
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Turner Morris GenFlex TPO Proj ...

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Bonfils Blood Center GenFlex TPO Re-roof


  • Bonfils Corporate Office
  • 717 Yosemite Street
  • Denver, CO 80230


  • Building Type: Office and Warehouse
  • Square Feet of Roofing Project: 71,148 sq.ft.
  • Existing Roof: Gravel Surfaced BUR over gypsum deck
  • New Roof: Overlay with GenFlex 60 mil Peel and Stick TPO over 1/2” wood fiber board attached with auger style screws and plates. 15 year labor and materials warranty.
  • Date Completed: December, 2008

Special Notes:

Bonfils and Charlie Propernick wanted the advantages of a fully adhered and reflective roofing system. They were concerned, however, about the potential disruption of their business from fumes associated with the bonding adhesive necessary to glue the roofing system down. Turner Morris and GenFlex teamed up to provide an innovative solution by using the GenFlex Peel and Stick White TPO system. Fumes were not an issue at all. The system went down clean and fast and the white reflective roof will be saving on cooling costs for years to come.


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