Annalisa Hartmann. Accounts Payable

Annalisa is new to the roofing business, having previously worked in a financial office. She started with Turner Morris in summer of 2014.  She holds two degrees from Metro State University of Denver. She lives in LoDo with her two cats and enjoys spending her free time exploring the city, as well as practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Things she loves:
Sports, Denver and my catsAnnalisa 2

Favorite sports team:
The Avalanche, but the Broncos and Rockies are close behind.  I enjoy sports so much that I work at all of the stadiums in the Denver area.

If she could have any one superpower:
Time Travel

Dream Vacation:
Touring famous historic and literary locations in Europe

Something she will never be seen without:
Water bottle

Favorite type of roof:
The one over my head

How she takes his coffee:
“Girly” drinks, but no additions or subtractions. Keep it somewhat simple.