Brady Hirt, Project Manager

Brady has called Denver home since 1998 when he moved here from his home town of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Before coming to work for Turner Morris in 2008 he traveled to 46 states and every province in Canada, and spent 5 years opening restaurants for a “world-famous” Colorado restaurant franchise.  Since stowing his frequent flyer cards and coming to Turner Morris he has enjoyed being able to do more hiking, concerts at Red Rocks, Broncos games, and sampling of all the outstanding restaurants that Colorado has to offer.  He recently married for the first time, and he and his wife always have a house full of animals.  He loves finding solutions for the wide variety of challenges he sees every day at Turner Morris!

Things he loves:
Cooking (and eating!) fabulous meals with my wife, road-trips in the Colorado mountains, tossing the Frisbee, listening to live music, hiking with my dogs, and finally learning to ski!!

Favorite sports team:Brady & Juli

If he could have any Superpower:

Dream vacation:
Mediterranean cruise

Something he will never be seen without:

Favorite kind of roof:
Fully adhered EPDM

How he takes his Coffee:
Cream and sugar