Davetta Giron- Project Administrator

Davetta came to Turner Morris from the concrete and asphalt industry in 2018 with a full range of experience to help with coordinating projects. When she is not working, she is a busy mom of four boys.  Her eldest, Tristen, is going for his EMT certifications, followed by her second oldest, Anthony, who is pursuing a degree in construction management at CSU. Her third son, Andrew, is in high school and her youngest, Giovanni, is in elementary school.  Davetta and her husband, Chris purchased a home in Thornton which keeps them busy with landscaping and decorating.

Things she loves:
Family, reading, cooking, taking care of others, listening to music and watching movies.

Favorite sports team:
Denver Broncos, Brighton Bulldogs & and any team her boys are playing on!

If she could have any one superpower:
To be able heal the sick, disabled and diseased without the use of drugs.

Dream vacation:
Alaskan cruise

Something she will never be seen without:

Favorite type of roof:
The one over her head!

How she takes her coffee:
Depends on the season! Winter- just a splash of coffee with her cream and sugar. Summer- flavored iced coffee.