Frank Martinez, Denver Project Superintendent

The Intials

I’m one of the guys who make sure we do roofing the right way at Turner Morris.  Tim Morris simply will not compromise on doing the job the way it ought to be done, and I believe in that.  That’s a key reason I started having Denver employees initial their work on the roof in permanent ink.  If you do your job right and well, then you should have enough pride to sign it.  It really makes people think hard about the quality of their work, I can promise you.

“A lot of pride goes into our client’s roofs. Our guys names are on every roof we do, because they sign their work with their initials.”

Turner Morris cares a lot about the people who work here.  I’ve seen them do things for their employees that other companies won’t or don’t. They know what’s going on in their lives and in their work. It’s more than getting treated with respect. It’s about dignity and concern, too.


I work hard at showing what is expected on the job to deliver a great finished product to the customer. The commitment to stand behind our work is very high.

I carry a cell phone 24/7/365, and the customers I work with have that number. They can reach me anytime, and they have. I got a call once at 3 am. Within half an hour we had a 4-man team down there to patch the leak, and then got a full crew out first thing in the morning to do complete repairs. That’s the kind of attitude at Turner Morris. It’s all about the customer, and making sure he gets a great roof that will last him a long time.

There’s no other place I would rather work.

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