Jacob Hopkins- Assistant Project Manager

Raised in Oklahoma Jacob came to Turner Morris in 2016 from the Telecomm industry where he spent 7 years building cell towers.  He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Michelle and his dog Cooper.  He loves teaching people how to SCUBA dive and spending time with family at the beach when he can break away from work.  He enjoys camping, hiking, shooting and anything outdoors.

Things he loves?jacob 3
My girlfriend Michelle! Teaching people how to Scuba dive, Hiking, camping, fishing and spending time with family.

Favorite sports team?
Any team that is winning!

If he could have any one superpower?
Omnilinguilism or the ability to breath underwater.

Dream vacation?
Two weeks in the Maldives

Something he will never be seen without?
Sunglasses and Nalgene bottle

Favorite type of roof?

How he takes his coffee?
Black. But only when it is cold out!