Lori McElhenny, Human Resources & Safety Officer

Lori McElhenny is the Human Resources Manager and Safety Officer at Turner Morris, Inc.  She loves the interaction that she has with fellow employees and helping to bring solutions to the table for workplace safety!  Lori is most known in the office for being a health fanatic and drinking green smoothies (otherwise referred to as science projects).  When she is not glued to her computer screen doing payroll or busy answering employee related questions she is out and about with the superintendents performing job site safety inspections.  She resides in Golden, CO with husband Steve, and her three teenagers on 30 acres of beautiful mountain country!

Things she loves:
Horseback riding

Favorite sports team:
Denver Nuggets

If she could have any superpower:
The power to self-heal!

Dream vacation:

Something she will never be seen without:

Favorite type of roof:
Wood shingles

How she takes her coffee:
No coffee… Instead a chai tea latte 🙂