Lucinda Viglione- Office Administrator

Lucinda started at Turner Morris in 2017 and feels blessed to be working with such great and caring people. She was born in Anchorage, AK but was raised in Littleton, CO.  She currently works two jobs  and doesn’t get a whole lot of free time.  Lucinda loves starting her days off with aerial yoga and then throughout the day at any chance she gets, she’ll be listening to music or podcasts.  She also loves to read anything she can get her hands on, especially fiction and poetry, and if she can conjure up enough free time she enjoys doing puzzles in front of the TV.  Lucinda is also pursuing an Associates in Arts in Literature at Red Rock Community College and she is learning about her new choice to become a Pollo- Pesca Vegetarian, both being quite the challenge but a positive change.   A quote from Vicki Harrison, has stuck with her, ever since her Mom passed away, “Grief is like the ocean, ebbing and flowing.  Sometimes it is calm and sometimes it’s overwhelming.  All we can do is learn to swim.”

Things she loves:
Care Bears, learning new things, aerial yoga, make-up (mostly lipstick), Zox and Kygo.

Favorite sports team:
Does quidditch count? ‘Cause if so “Go Ravenclaw!”

If she could have an one superpower:
Conjuring whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

Dream vacation:
Mercedes Sprinter converted van and the open country.

Something she will never be seen without:

Favorite roof type:
Velcro roof… it’s a thing!

How she takes her coffee:
Two sugars, french vanilla creamer and almond milk, or irish cream with two sugars.  Either way two sugars.