Pamela Coburn, SVP, The Jones Realty Group Inc.

The first contact with Turner Morris came while I was managing a smaller property in Cherry Creek North. I was under the impression that Turner Morris specialized in only major, large roofing projects.





Daniel H. Meitus, Managing Partner, Bartell Meitus Properties, LLC, Denver

You have to know that roof repair is a distressed purchase. In my books, Tim Turner is the roofing expert. So it’s his job to tell me what we need – functionally, environmentally, and cost.





Frank Whitney, Senior Chief Engineer, Landmark Building, Denver

We hired Turner Morris to fix a roofing problem, once and for all.  They did not disappoint.
From Hans Turner performing a detailed site survey to the amount of detail that he produced in his report, it was very impressive from start to finish. The report enabled me to experience first hand the exact conditions of the issue and the overall assessment of the repairs.



John Romero, Regency Realty, Denver

The first time we worked with Turner Morris, Tim Turner came out. I told him “you’re the expert – fix it!”  And they did. When Turner Morris does it, it’s fixed. The real value is that they get it done, and done right, the first time. And I don’t have to worry about it.  Tim is very careful with his crews – he brings in the right people to maintain high standards.



Charlie Propernick, Building Engineer, Bonfils Blood Center, Denver

We really kind of strung these guys out for a couple of years. The roofing need we had was large and challenging, and there were other priorities that kept pushing the project back.  Over 2 years after their initial bid, we finally got funding allocated and asked Turner Morris to rebid the job. I was surprised at how close they came to their original price – costs have not stood still over the last while.