Charlie Propernick, Building Engineer, Bonfils Blood Center, Denver

Standing Behind Their Work

We really kind of strung these guys out for a couple of years. The roofing need we had was large and challenging, and there were other priorities that kept pushing the project back.

Over 2 years after their initial bid, we finally got funding allocated and asked Turner Morris to rebid the job. I was surprised at how close they came to their original price, because costs have not stood still over the last while.

We chose Turner Morris because I felt I could trust them to do it right. And they did. They really stand behind their work. Early in the project we had a serious leak develop that was dumping water into an area of our lobby.


They had a team out here in no time – actually, in the wee hours of the morning. They fixed the leak, including installing new drywall, and you would never know that that problem developed.

Any questions or doubts I might have had, I could go directly to Tim Turner. But I didn’t need to do that, because Frank Martinez, the Project Superintendent at Turner Morris, was outstanding to work with. Job done, well done, on time and on budget.

On the final walk-through with Tim, he pointed out some potential problems that could be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance work for a few hundred dollars. That’s the kind of people they are – they care about my roof almost as much as I do. Maybe more!

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