Daniel H. Meitus, Managing Partner, Bartell Meitus Properties, LLC, Denver

What We Need

You have to know that roof repair is a distressed purchase. In my books, Tim Turner is the roofing expert. So it’s his job to tell me what we need – functionally, environmentally, and cost.

I’ve found that Turner Morris are creative problem solvers. They deliver great value and reliability through their three fundamentals – character, competence and commitment. And when it comes to value, these guys are dead on, absolutely.

Planning & Execution

I’ve had them work on both high rise and low rise roofs, and they were fairly big projects. They deliver good up-front planning, good execution, and good follow-through.

I live and die by my vendors. When push comes to shove, we’re in it together. And Turner Morris worries about long-term relationships as much as I do.

And that’s why I choose Turner Morris as my roofing company.

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