Frank Whitney, Senior Chief Engineer, Landmark Building, Denver

They Were Seamless

We hired Turner Morris to fix a roofing problem, once and for all.

They did not disappoint.

From Hans Turner performing a detailed site survey to the amount of detail that he produced in his report, it was very impressive from start to finish.  The report enabled me to understand first hand the exact conditions of the issue and the overall assessment of the repairs.

Also, the repair and construction oversight was seamless for me.  Turner Morris handled everything from obtaining the necessary permits to working with the City of Denver for traffic control.  Communication is everything to my Manager, my customers and to my owners.  Turner Morris provided detailed traffic control drawings that allowed me to communicate the impact of the street closings to my customers.  That’s a big deal, very important to my tenants.

Communication Counts

Communication means everything to me and they went beyond my expectations with their communications, and in delivering the final product: satisfaction frommy customers.


I truly believe that the standards that have been set (character, competence, commitment) are conveyed from the owners to the people that perform the work in the field.  They believe in the company and that’s reflected in the people.

For example, Raul is the consummate professional.  He is a true asset and a great ambassador to Turner Morris. His attention to detail and to his communication to his customers is unmatched.  He cares about his work and the end result, which is customer satisfaction.

They fixed a leak that had plagued a tenant for years.  Despite several roofers’ attempts to fix it, all we got was a hodge-podge of patches, and the leak continued.  Turner Morris changed all that, and my tenant is one happy guy.

If you want a company that responds, delivers, and has the people that truly care about your business and your needs, Turner Morris is the company of choice.

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