Pamela Coburn, SVP, The Jones Realty Group Inc.


The first contact with Turner Morris came while I was managing a smaller property in Cherry Creek North. I was under the impression that Turner Morris specialized in only major, large roofing projects. We were dealing with a roof leak at the property and I discovered much about bad roofers.

After dealing with various roofing companies over the course of two years, the roof was still leaking. I contacted Turner Morris, they performed an on-site inspection and informed me the problem could be repaired under warranty.

They then successfully repaired the leak. We continued to rely on Turner Morris for all of our roofing needs culminating with our most recent experience, a major re-roofing project at 475 17th Street.

The project at 475 presented numerous challenges, the biggest being the fact that roof access could only be achieved through a tenant’s space.

All of the material removed from the roof and all of the new material had to be taken through the tenant’s space and through two flights of stairs.

Further, the tenant could not be disturbed during normal business hours so all work was performed during evenings and weekends.

A security officer was hired to provide additional security for the Tenant’s space at the beginning of the project. Two weeks into the project, the Tenant advised that the security officer was no longer needed because the tenant never saw any trace of the ongoing work.

I am very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by Turner Morris throughout the project. I was always informed of scheduling and progress including weather delays without my initiating these communications.

Towards the end of the project, I requested Turner Morris to accelerate the work schedule so that the project could be completed before an upcoming tenant board meeting. They completed the project two weeks ahead of the approved schedule without any complaints from Turner Morris. When I inquired, they simply responded, “Well, you needed the job done”.

I cannot emphasize enough their professionalism, “can do” attitude and on-going communication.

I didn’t find them to be the most nor the least expensive; however, they have proven to be the best value and we have an exceptional new roof.

Great job Turner Morris. I will always be grateful.

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