Who We Are

In 1992, we were two professional commercial roofers – Tim Turner and Tim Morris – with years of experience. We decided to build a roofing company that was different, one that would raise the performance bar in the commercial roofing business in Colorado.

Leveraging our experience in Denver and Vermont, we trained and built a team of professionals from day one. Every member of our team has learned to do roofing work the Turner Morris way. Today, they are recognized as experts in dealing with the unique demands of urban Denver’s commercial roofs to the unusual extreme structures and weather in Colorado’s mountain resorts.

After many years of embarking on this adventure, we still do business the way we set out to do it. To us, to our customers, and to our employees, it’s still all about the fundamentals – character, competence and commitment.

It’s an approach that seems to work very well. Turner Morris has grown to two divisions (Denver and Mountain), servicing many counties around the front range and throughout the mountains.

Our customers have come to trust and appreciate the work we do on their commercial roofs, because we do it right the first time. They like it when our workers sign their work with their initials in permanent black ink.

What we do seems pretty basic: we replace, repair, and maintain commercial roofs. But as anyone who is responsible for a commercial roof knows, it’s a complicated and complex business.

We see a commercial roof as a complete system, because that’s what it is. It’s a part of the building envelope that needs to be well built and well maintained to help ensure a solid return for the owners.

So when you hire Turner Morris, you’ll likely experience a thoroughness and attention to detail that is refreshing. That’s what you can expect from start to finish.