Jeff Ayon, Denver Project Manager

Born and raised in Denver CO, Jeff married his high school sweet heart in 1986. He is the father of five children, with two grandsons and two granddaughters.  He served our country in the USMC and  immediately after his discharge in 1991 Jeff started his career in the roofing industry as a delivery driver.  He has worked his way through the ranks in various positions such as crane operator, warehouse foreman, service manager and what he loves to do presently, estimator/project manager!

Things he loves:
Family, Jesus my Savior & traveling.Jeff & wife

Favorite sports team:
Broncos & North High Vikings!

If he could have any one super power:

Dream Vacation:
Israel or somewhere warm and relaxing on a beach

Something he will never be seen without:

Favorite type of roof:

How he takes his coffee:
Hot and sweet (just like my wife!)