Amy Dlubac, Office Manager, Mountain Division

Amy graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a B.A. in Fine Art Photography/Photojournalism.  She moved up to Summit County in 2007 to become a snowboard bum for a few years.   Then in 2008 she started with Turner Morris as their Office Manager and has really enjoyed working with the company.  Now Amy is a professional working snowboard bum!  She fell in love with the views she wakes up to everyday and the quirky goodhearted people around the county.  Amy feels blessed to have such a great job, with with great people, that also allows her to live in such an amazing place.

Things she loves:
Snowboarding, photography, my family, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, T-Rex jokes, kayaking and surrounding myself with wonderful people… oh the list could go on and on!

Favorite sports team:

If she could have any one superpower:
A shapeshifter who had the ability to speak and understand all languages.

Dream vacation:
Traveling the world! I want to see it all!

Something she will never be seen without:
A camera… or my phone, which also has a camera.

Favorite type of roof:
One I can access easily to take pictures of the guys working!

How she takes her coffee:
I don’t… but I will take a chai tea with almond milk please 🙂