Andrzej (Andy) Toczek- Buffalo Mountain Metals Manager

Andrzej has proven himself time and time again after he started at Turner Morris in 2006.  He started as a laborer and moved his way up, eventually taking over and managing Buffalo Mountain Metals (BMM) which is Turner Morris’ metal fabrication business.  Andrzej’s  passion, motivation and creativity has grown BMM into profitable business.


When not working or furthering his education, Andrzej enjoys working on trucks so he can go out 4wheeling on the road less traveled.  You can also find him throwing 3-pointers on the basketball court or dominating the soccer field.  In the winter he’s tearing up the slopes on his snowboard or snowmobiling in the back county.  Andrzej enjoys spending quality time with family and friends but especially loves hanging out with his fiance, Anna.


Things he loves:
Being in nature whether 4wheeling, snowbording or playing soccer.

Favorite sports team:
Polish Nation Soccer Team

If he could have any one superpower:

Dream vacation:
Taking a year off to travel the world with Anna

Something he is never seen without:

Favorite Roof:
Mechanically fastened standing seam

How he takes his coffee:
Medium flavored latte with 3 shots