Jared Napoleon- Summit Repair Manager

Jared came to Turner Morris in 2012 working summers as a laborer and estimator then eventually became the repair manager in summit county.  His happy go lucky attitude makes him easy to get along with for both employees and customers.

Jared is a hard bird to cage because he is always off finding new adventures when he’s not working.  He’s traveled many places around this world, whether he’s on his motorcycle cruising around on golden colored back roads, hiking mountainsides with his dog, swimming with great whites in sapphire oceans, surfing rowdy rivers or shredding up champagne powdered cliffs, Jared has adventure running through his veins and won’t be satisfied until he’s done it all!



Things he loves:
Hanging with his dog, traveling everywhere and surfing both water and snow!

Favorite Sports team:
Rockies, but it’s a love hate relationship

If he could have any one superpower:

Something he will never be seen without:

Favorite roof:
The one over his head that is not leaking!

How he takes his coffee: