Jarod Tonneson- Mtn. Division Shop Manager

Jarod was born and raised in the Summit County area. Since he was old enough to swing a hammer, Jarod has been involved in some area of construction. He’s always taken great satisfaction in physical labor and being able to work with his hands.  He takes pride in putting in a hard days work, whether it be on a construction site or helping out on the ranch.

Jarod was hired on at Turner Morris in 2013 as a laborer.  He quickly proved to be a hard worker and showed a desired to better himself within the company.  He eventually worked his way up to leadman and then found himself a foreman, running his own crew.  In June of 2015 he became the shop manager for the Turner Morris Mountain division. He has a love for roofing and believes it to be one of the more exciting trades in construction, especially when it’s time for roof top snow removal.

On weekends and in free time Jarod enjoys working on a cattle ranch in Kremmling, Colorado.  He has a passion for the outdoors and also likes relaxing with his friends and family.

Things he loves:
Hunting, fishing, camping, slalom skiing(water), and ranching.Jarod Tonneson

Favorite Sports Team:

If he could have one superpower it would be:

Dream Vacation:
A hunting and fishing expedition on horseback for the rest of his life

Something you’ll never see him without:
A hat

Favorite roof system:
DaVinci or standing seam metal.

How he takes his coffee:
The darkest, strongest and boldest black cup of coffee he can find!