Sally Morris, Corporate Secretary

Sally is a Colorado native who went to the University of Vermont for college.  While there, she met Tim Morris and they were married in 1984.   After moving back to CO in 1987 they had two children, Luke and Hilary.  They started Turner Morris, Inc. in 1992.  Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, it was in her blood to start a business and with Tim’s background working in sales for A.C. Hathorne in VT and then at Capitol roofing in Denver, it made sense for them to start a commercial roofing company.  Turner Morris, Inc. allowed her to be involved in business, while working around the schedule of being a mom.  Fast forward 19 years: Tim and she adopted a 12 year old from Ethiopia, Samuel.  Sally’s daily passion is walking her dog in the woods in the summer and skiing with him in the winter.

Things she loves:
I love to read classic literature and watch one or two movies a year.

Favorite sports team:Sally With dogs- web

If she could have any one superpower:
The power to always say the right thing at the right time

Dream vacation:
Six months in Provence

Something she will never be seen without:
Dental floss

Favorite type of roof:
Standing seam metal

How she takes her coffee:
Very hot with cream