Sarah Butler- Project Manager, Mountain Divison

IMG_3057Sarah came to Turner Morris in 2015 from a commercial roofing company in Denver.  She enjoys getting out on the roof and getting her hands dirty.  She always has multiple projects going between work and her home and loves to stay busy.  She also loves spending time with her husband, Ben, specially if it’s climbing up sheer cliffs with amazing views.


Things she loves:
Spending time with he husband and dog, Perch.  Doing anything outside but mostly rock and ice climbing!

Favorite sports team:
..The Avalanche,  but doesn’t really get into watching sports

If she could have any one superpower:
Being able to fly

Dream Vacation:
Going to Patagonia or Norway to ice climb

Something she will never be seen without:
Water bottle

Favorite type of roof:
Standing seam or green roof

How she takes her coffee:
Decaf Cappuccino with whole milk