Customer and employee stories are as real as it gets. We hope you’ll consider the experiences shared below when choosing a commercial roofing company for your next roofing project.


Duffy Counsell, Homeowner Association Manager, Copper Mountain Resort

I work with Mark Hubbard at Turner Morris. In a word, he’s been my angel in roofing maintenance and repairs.
Front to back, he plays MY game. It’s a question of telling the right story for a long-term fix. So he tailors our presentations to our homeowners for both left and right brain people. I’ve a visual guy, so he covers me off with great photos, illustrations and diagrams to back up all the written stuff.



Jeanette Rizzardi, Building Maintenance Supervisor, Clear Creek County

Jeanette Rizzardi, Building Maintenance Supervisor

I connected with Turner Morris because a colleague of mine in Keystone recommended them. They’ve been great to work with.  Andrzej, the foreman on the job, really is wonderful to work with. He and his team put the whole project together the way we wanted it – including making it easy for us to handle the metal disposal. That was one of our stipulations, and Turner Morris helped make it easy to pick it up at the site without creating a mess.



Joyce McMillan, Operations Manager, HOA, Village at Breckenridge

I inherited a roof replacement project caused by poor design and poor installation.

I hired Turner Morris because they were able to identify a long-term fix. Their reputation plus the fact that their proposed solution made sense was reason enough to hire them. But they promised no more leaks, and then explained and demonstrated how they were going to deliver on that.




Peter Schutz, Summit Resort Group, Dillon

Summit Resort Group HOA'sWe deal with Home Owners Associations and that’s a challenge. We have to present information in a way that helps the owners understand what’s really going on, and what kind of work needs to be done on their roofs.  We had a roof need with an HOA and Turner Morris put together an excellent proposal, clear and easy to understand. And they showed the long-term benefits of their work by showing the long-term impact on maintenance costs.