Jeanette Rizzardi, Building Maintenance Supervisor, Clear Creek County


I connected with Turner Morris because a colleague of mine in Keystone recommended them.

They submitted an excellent proposal, and the other two companies I asked to bid on the project simply did not show up.  So Turner Morris got the job – but I think they would have anyway, because they were so thorough and really understood our situation.

The people at Turner Morris have been great to work with.  We had to replace the entire roof of a building that houses the county offices, the county court, and the police.  So the work had to be scheduled around when court was in session – they were at the mercy of our schedule.

Follow-up and Follow-through

Andrzej, the foreman on the job, really is wonderful to work with.  He and his team put the whole project together the way we wanted it – including making it easy for us to handle the metal disposal.  That was one of our stipulations, and Turner Morris helped make it easy to pick it up at the site without creating a mess.

Mark Hubbard and Ed have also been great.  The follow-up and follow-through is very reassuring.

I wish all my jobs went this well.


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