Joyce McMillan, Operations Manager, HOA, Village at Breckenridge



I inherited a roof replacement project in my former position that was caused by poor design and poor installation.

I hired Turner Morris because they were able to identify a long-term fix.  Their reputation, plus the fact that their proposed solution made sense, were reasons enough to hire them.  But they also promised “no more leaks,” and then explained and demonstrated how they were going to deliver on that.

When I moved over to Breckenridge, I brought Turner Morris with me.

Solving Problems

The team at Turner Morris loves to solve problems.  They take their work personally, as an obligation.  They want to be able to say “I did right today.”

For everyone I’ve worked with, their attitude is: it’s not about the roof, it’s about the customer.  They are there when you need them, because they care.

This is a relationship built on trust.  They do what they say, they are always truthful. And they really are experts – they know exactly what they’re doing.

For us, Turner Morris is the roofing contractor of choice.  They are the only ones we use.

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